Saturday 25th May

- Registration and Welcome
- The Services of the LiLa Knowledge Base of Interoperable Linguistic Resources for Latin - Marco Passarotti, Francesco Mambrini and Giovanni Moretti
- Teanga Data Model for Linked Corpora - John P. McCrae, Priya Rani, Adrian Doyle and Bernardo Stearns
- An Annotated Dataset for Transformer-based Scholarly Information Extraction and Linguistic Linked Data Generation - Vayianos Pertsas, Marialena Kasapaki and Panos Constantopoulos
- Towards Semantic Interoperability: Parallel Corpora as Linked Data Incorporating Named Entity Linking - Ranka Stankovic, Milica Ikonic Nešic, Olja Perisic, Mihailo Škoric and Olivera Kitanovic
- Cross-Lingual Ontology Matching using Structural and Semantic Similarity - Shubhanker Banerjee, Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi and John Philip McCrae
- Coffee Break
- Defining an Ontology for Museum Critical Cataloguing Terminology Guidelines - Erin Canning
- Querying the Lexicon der indogermanischen Verben in the LiLa Knowledge Base: Two Use Cases - Valeria Irene Boano, Marco Passarotti and Riccardo Ginevra
- CHAMUÇA: Towards a Linked Data Language Resource of Portuguese Borrowings in Asian Languages - Fahad Khan, Ana Salgado, Isuri Anuradha, Rute Costa, Chamila Liyanage, John P. McCrae, Atul Kumar Ojha, Priya Rani and Francesca Frontini
- BPMLOD Session - Katerina Gkritzou
- LD4LT Session - Penny Labropoulou and Christian Chiarcos
- Lunch Break
- Minute Madness and Poster Session
- Coffee Break
- OntoLex Session - John P. McCrae
- Discussion

List of Posters

  • DigitAnt: A Platform For Creating, Linking And Exploiting LOD Lexica With Heterogeneous Resources - Michele Mallia, Michela Bandini, Andrea Bellandi, Francesca Murano, Silvia Piccini, Luca Rigobianco, Alessandro Tommasi, Cesare Zavattari, Mariarosaria Zinzi and Valeria Quochi
  • Linguistic LOD For Interoperable Morphological Description - Michael Rosner and Maxim Ionov
  • LLODIA: A Linguistic Linked Open Data Model For Diachronic Analysis - Florentina Armaselu, Chaya Liebeskind, Paola Marongiu, Barbara McGillivray, Giedre Valunaite Oleskeviciene, Elena-Simona Apostol, Ciprian-Octavian Truica and Daniela Gifu
  • LODinG: Linked Open Data In The Humanities - Jacek Kudera, Claudia Bamberg, Thomas Burch, Folke Gernert, Maria Hinzmann, Susanne Kabatnik, Claudine Moulin, Benjamin Raue, Achim Rettinger, Jörg Röpke, Ralf Schenkel, Kristin Shi-Kupfer, Doris Schirra, Christof Schöch and Joëlle Weis
  • Modeling Linking Between Text And Lexicon With OntoLex-Lemon: A Case Study Of Computational Terminology For The Babylonian Talmud - Flavia Sciolette
  • OntoLex Publication Made Easy: A Dataset Of Verbal Aspectual Pairs For Bosnian, Croatian And Serbian - Ranka Stankovic, Maxim Ionov, Medina Bajtarevic and Lorena Nincevic
  • The MOLOR Lemma Bank: A New Llod Resource For Old Irish - Theodorus Fransen, Cormac Anderson, Sacha Beniamine and Marco Passarotti